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A Public Message From “Elves On The Rock”
The 2014 Holiday Campaign by “Elves on the Rock” was a tremendous success. The community was asked for support to help out a few ‘Rock’ families – The ‘Rock’ community responded with unexpected generosity. Thanks to the people ‘On The Rock’, initial goals enabled expanding and provided help to 35 families including ten individuals and some of our Island’s homeless and live-a-board communities.
Since the close of the Holiday Campaign some things have changed. One group opted to not utilize the information sharing and donations the way they should have been. Thus ‘Elves On The Rock’ separated from the other members who have formed their own group ‘Keep It On The Rock’. It was a sad day however something needed to be done to make the ‘Elves’ to be as intended; to be unknown. Thus to clarify a few things:
– First, was registered as a valid domain during the first big group meeting. Email was being sent to the domain by other members. One member had her own email address The design was for posting information on the site for what was going on and an auction site was added so any items which were donated would be auctioned off without others knowing who was doing the bidding. This would have made it a more appropriate way of doing things and record keeping would have been greatly improved.
· Second ‘Elves on the Rock’ was registered with the State of Washington after the group split when they stated they did not want to use the website. Company names, domain names, etc are all out there in for people to register for as long as they are willing to pay for the rights to do so. I have not allowed eight of the other group to be a part of the new ‘Elves On The Rock’. There have been numerous other volunteers who want to be a part of this and do so all without public recognition.
· Third, the PayPal link originally used to collect funds on behalf of “Elves on the Rock” was removed by request of one of the other eight members to a different individual I had given access to the website for making modifications. Only after the other group opted to not utilize the website or paypal which was recommended to be used (sending to going to a business account rather than a personal account was this changed. There have been no funds into another account. They don’t need access to it, they did not want to use it. I never had access to the account which was setup in a private individuals name.
– Fourth, if any misappropriations of funds it is with the separated group. All monies were promised to the community it would go for the Christmas Holidays. in the end the other members decided to withhold over $2,700 not using it for its intent. No access to the new account are necessary to the other group. Again no funds are being solicited. Donations to the PayPal account used during the entire original “Elves on the Rock” were not properly received through the duration of the campaign.
· Fifth, to reiterate as above not all monies collected during the Holiday Campaign were disbursed appropriately for and used in the spirit of the campaign or as requested by donors. No donors requested money to be held over.
· Sixth, the new ‘Elves On The Rock” will continue our efforts. As a future charitable organization registered in the State of Washington, we expect to undertake small events throughout the year – and undertake another Holiday Campaign later in 2015. Our mission is one of inspiring community help and hope for fellow Bainbridge Islanders.
– Seventh, contrary to what the other group has published on Facebook there is no organization registered with the state as a business or non-profit at all. This can be verified by going to the Department of Licensing with the State of Washington. Make sure your donations are going to where they can be tracked appropriately.
Please watch this Facebook page for announcements of our future activities.
Thank you for your help and support.


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