Elves on the Rock Update

Dear Friends, Christmas is now behind us. Of course Christmas always will return again. The current focus is on helping Helpline replenish their stock basic necessities for those in need. What does this include? Toiletries, diapers, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo. soap, canned goods just about anything which is not perishable. Of course cash always helps too. Donate directly or here. If you donate here ALL of your donated money will go directly to Helpline. Your generous help and donations were greatly appreciated of the holidays and are always welcome at anytime of the year. Just post where you want donations to go. One Call For All is also another supported agency. There are quite a few non-profit agencies always in need.

Thank you for all your support.

Elves On The Rock


***Elves on the Rock Update*** So far, all you wonderful people of this great giving community have donated $1031 in cash, $400 in gift cards, 2 boxes of toys and clothes to Bainbridge Self Storage, that was from check in 3 days ago, more dropped off since!! So many exciting services/goods that are available for BID now on Elves on The Rock Online Auction. So far you wonderful people have bid a reprted $2500 on the auction site!! Really!!! This is incredible, you people amaze me. This includes $300 Thats A Some Pizza raised , thanks to the BHS Wrestling team for their efforts! Remember you can drop off toys clothes or gift cards at Bainbridge Self Storage on Sportsman Club, make a cash donation on PayPal using elvesontherock@yahoo.com (make sure to send using the friend option), or participate in the Auction which is currently underway, new gifts added as we speak!! So much in so little time, Amazaballs! This next week will be more wonderful news I’m sure!!! Thanks all, proud to call you all Real Bainbridge Islanders!! Also Two Very Special Elves did their own good Elvie deeds!! Linda Keeney Thurrott and her wonderful team down at Best Western pooled together and donated much needed food and gifts to a well deserving family, and had enough to provide food and some household items to another well deserving family!!! Make sure to thank them when you get a chance!! Also our Elf Bonnie stepped up and helped deliver needed items for a family seeking help!! So much good from so many!! And a special thanks to all you Real/Unreal Bainbridge Islanders for your participation in this community effort!!

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